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HMS Belfast

Report for duty aboard the iconic HMS Belfast and explore the history of one of the most famous battlecruisers of WWII. Discover what life was like onboard as veterans recount stories of famous battles such as the D-Day landings of 1944.


  • Explore what life was like on board a battlecruiser during World War II 
  • D-Day Experience: enter one of the 6-inch gun turrets for an immersive sound experience
  • Sit in the Captain’s chair and take control of the ship from the best seat on board
  • World of Warships Command Center: don’t miss the fully equipped free interactive gaming room on board
  • Climb up and down ladders and visit the engine rooms 15ft below sea level
  • Command a Fleet of Ships using interactive plotting tables
  • Head up to the flag deck for incredible 360-degree views of London

What's included

  • Entrances


Battle stations! Report for duty aboard the iconic HMS Belfast, one of only three vessels not to be scrapped from the entire D-Day fleet that participated in Operation Overlord.

Gain an insight into what life was like on-board this famous warship during World War II and beyond, whose guns are so powerful that they managed to crack the ship's toilets on D-Day.

Imagine yourself being in the bowels of the ship as she fired the first shots of D-Day, or sleeping in one of the tightly-packed hammocks during convoy duties in icy Arctic waters.

The Quarter Deck
The Quarter Deck is where you'll take your first step on board HMS Belfast. Here you are introduced to the three key time periods of the ship’s active service; The Second World War (1939 - 1945), End of Empire (1945 - 1949) and Cold War (1950 - 1966).
Meet some of HMS Belfast’s leading figures including the last operational Captain Morgan-Giles.

D-Day Experience
Step inside this 6-inch gun turret for an immersive sound installation depicting 05.27 on D-Day: 6 June 1944, when HMS Belfast guns opened fire on the Normandy beaches.

Feeding the Crew
With nearly a thousand sailors to feed, HMS Belfast produced food on an industrial scale. The ranges cooked all day, making meals such as roast beef with potatoes and sticky toffee pudding.
In Feeding the Crew, you will find the beef screen and potato store where ingredients were stored. Step inside the bakery where fresh bread was baked every day, and explore the galley where meals were prepared.
A hungry crew depending on you! Enter the galley and see if you can you peel enough potatoes to feed the entire crew in our interactive game.

Lower Decks
Descend below the Thames waterline into these heavily armoured decks to find the machinery held within.
The central part of HMS Belfast's lower decks was the most heavily protected, enclosed within a thick ‘box’ of cemented armour.
Here, in the deepest parts of the ship, marvel at the size and scale of the rooms that drove Belfast into battle.

NEW: Steer the ship yourself
HMS Belfast was steered from the Lower Steering Position, deep in the heart of the ship. Try our new interactive experience and see if you can follow the Captain’s orders to steer HMS Belfast to its destination in time for D-Day, 6 June 1944.

Home From Home
Most of HMS Belfast’s ordinary sailors lived in the busy, crowded mess decks.
Explore these living quarters in Home from Home and see exactly what life would have been like for the crew; where they ate, slept, and relaxed off-duty.
HMS Belfast sailed hundreds of miles through fascinating locations. Discover how the crew coped in different climates, from the freezing conditions of the Arctic Circle to the heat and humidity of East Asia.

Life On Board
With a crew of nearly 1,000 men, HMS Belfast was like a floating city.
In Life on Board, you can walk through the ship's corridors and peek into the laundry, workshops, chapel and mail room - there was even a ‘radio station’.
Hear the crew’s first impressions of what was to become their new home, discover the daily routines of a warship and explore the facilities needed for the crew to function.

Opening Times
Daily, 10:00am to 6:00pm, last entry 5:00pm.
HMS Belfast is closed on the 24, 25 and 26 December.

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