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Secrets of the Underground Walking Tour with London Transport Museum option

Join us on this small group walking tour to discover the secrets behind the world’s first underground railway. See the exterior of a disused station such as Down Street through which Churchill would travel during the Blitz. Hear the stories of the ‘Mind the Gap’ widow, the creation of The Tube map & glimpse ‘ghost’ platforms shut off from the world.

After your tour why not extend your day with a visit to London’s interactive Transport Museum in the heart of Covent Garden?

What's included

  • Secrets of the London Underground Walking Tour
  • Professional Tour Guide 
  • Personal Audio Headset to hear the guide's live commentary
  • Optional Extra: Entry to the London Transport Museum


Secrets of the London Underground Tour

On this fantastic Small Group Experience, you'll join an Evan Evans Expert Guide to explore the world's oldest underground system. Learn all about the history of the 'Tube' as you travel through history from one of London's earliest, original stations to its newest and most futuristic. Explore how the network was built and the variety of roles it has filled in its long history, and hear some interesting and fun facts along the way.
The London Underground, or the 'Tube' as it is more commonly known, is more than just a transport network- it is an icon of London and the lifeblood of the city; every year, more than 1.3 billion passengers journeys are made across its 270 stations.

Beginning with the construction of the Thames Tunnel in 1843, the world's first tunnel built underneath a river and dubbed 'The Eighth Wonder of the World', the 175-year history of the London Underground is an eventful one full of world-firsts, stories and urban legends.

The Experience begins at the historic Baker Street Station, one of the original stops on the Metropolitan Railway, the world's first underground railway. During the course of the Experience, your Expert Guide will bring the fascinating history of the London Underground to life as they tell the story of the 'Tube's' evolution, including:

• How trains moved from steam-powered to electrified rails
• How the very first tunnels were dug and built by hand before advancements in technology were made
• The evolving nature of the underground over the years, from the world's most popular tourist attraction to cargo network and public transport system
• Why more than 40 stations have been left abandoned
• The story of the famous 'roundel' underground symbol

With such a long and varied history, there's also something for fans of trivia and fun facts, including:

• Which station lies above the remains of 1000 bodies
• How it was re-purposed and used as a refuge over 170,000 people during the Blitz of WWII, as well as an aircraft factory and storage for the treasures of the British Museum
• The variety of animals spotted on the system, including a species that can only be found on the underground
• Who was the first Monarch to ride the 'Tube'
• Which stations are reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of a murdered actor, a Pharaoh’s daughter and even a nun
Your Experience will conclude at Westminster Underground Station, serviced by the Jubilee, Circle and District Lines.

Days of operation
April-March: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

London Transport Museum (Optional Extra)

Discover London's history at the world's leading museum of urban transport.
Explore London Transport Museum in the heart of Covent Garden. The Museum uncovers the story of London and its transport system over the last 200 years, highlighting the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London, culture and society since 1800.
Transport has shaped London’s unique identity. From 19th century horse-drawn buses through to the world’s first underground railway, early red double-decker buses and the creation of the famous designs such as the Tube roundel logo and Underground map.

London Transport Museum Usual Opening Times:
Daily, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Last admission 5:00 pm.

Cancellation policy

Tour only: May be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to departure. Tour with the London Transport Museum option: Non-refundable.