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Welcome to Amsterdam!

Get the most out of your stay and make your visit to our capital unforgettable. The city has lots of wonderful places to visit. And, public transport is best way to get to all of the places of interest and attractions. 

Where can you purchase your public transport ticket?

Buy your public transport tickets at the reception of the hotel. 

How do you travel with an OV-chipkaart?

Tram and bus
It is important that you always check in and check out. This includes when you transfer. To check in, you hold your ticket in front of the card reader. You should then hear a peep and the green lamp should light up. When leaving the tram or bus, you check out by once again holding your ticket in front of the card reader. It should then peep twice.

In the metro station, you hold your ticket in front of the card reader in the metro gate. The metro gate will open. You do the same when leaving the station at your destination.

During the day and at night

Each day, trams, buses and metros are in service starting at six in the morning and run until twelve thirty at night. Between 00:30 and 07:00, you can travel on our night buses. You pay a separate night fare for the night bus. However, a GVB day or multi-day ticket is also valid in the night bus.